Imagine a world where no one is referred to as an immigrant, white person, LGBTQ person, Asian person, Arab person, man, woman, Trump supporter, Hillary supporter, democrat, republican, etc. 

We are all just people.

Reckless labeling happens on both sides, and it results in dangerous generalizations. One person does or says a terrible thing, so everyone does or believes those terrible things. 

  • An immigration ban from certain countries is a dangerous generalization. 
  • Always hiding behind an -ism instead of sometimes accepting valid critiques strengthens dangerous generalizations.
  • Protesting government in spite of not voting feeds into dangerous generalizations. 
  • Claiming America only exists to help a certain class or type of person projects a dangerous generalization. 
  • Being surprised in the variety of opinions within a certain group of people only helps to foster dangerous generalizations. 

If a huge segment of the population told you a million times that because of your skin color you are only ever going to be a criminal, then how would you feel? What if a different group said that because of your age, your opinion isn't valid? What if another group told you that because you were fleeing violence in your home country but came here illegally, then you are clearly a parasite?  What if yet another group people told you that because of your beliefs and opinions, you are selfish?

If you hear this nonsense over and over again, you might start to believe it, or, worse, even resent the group of people spewing it. Dangerous stereotypes are what beget anger and violence, and these are just a few examples. Everyone does it on an individual basis and on a group basis. 

Segmenting the population into bite-sized exploitable chunks helps no one, but those in power. We are all people. Most of us worry about money, family, and our friends. We want a fulfilling life, and long to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We are all, essentially, the same.

So, ENOUGH of this analyzing people almost solely based on what groups they belong too. It has no place in the modern age. Instead, let's actively fight so that every voice is heard in Washington. 

If you voted for the current president-elect, you have a moral obligation to actively work to bring everyone else to the table and hear their concerns. (I hate using the term "other side".)

If you voted against the current president-elect, don't be apathetic. You have a moral obligation to get involved with the issues you care passionately about. This is more important than ever. Start those conversations, and don't let people forget about the issues that matter the most to you.

BUT You MUST also give the other side a chance. (I hate using the term "other side".) They won fairly under the current system. Make your voices heard, but stop this nonsense of trying to delegitimize every other voice.. 

Because, the fact is most people are inherently good, and every bad case is an outlier almost universally.

Finally, we must strive to venture outside of our respective echo chambers. America doesn't work if one side thinks the other is a bunch of racist misogynistic sociopaths and the other side thinks the one side is a bunch of parasitic whiny welfare queens.

The biggest boldest problems often have complicated answers. It's never simple. Ever. Especially when it comes to governing.

Remember, we are all Americans. Stop sectioning each other into these neat boxes.