Disenfranchised Bernie Supporters Sue the DNC

Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers will announce a class action lawsuit against the DNC next week due to what is seen as a grave mishandling of the primary race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. There are accusations of voter fraud and voter suppression, and many who donated to the Bernie campaign feel that the DNC actively worked to tip the scale in Hillary's favor. 

According to JamPac,

"On June 15, 2016, an anonymous hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 released documents purportedly hacked from the servers of the DNC, the formal governing body of the Democratic Party, and the entity responsible for overseeing the 2016 Democratic Presidential primary race.
The hacked documents strongly suggest that the DNC colluded with Sec. Hillary Clinton’s campaign to perpetrate a great fraud on the public."

Complaints are also lodged specifically against the DNC's chairman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who despite claiming neutrality has been accused on multiple occasions of working to undermine the Bernie campaign. There have also been a host of accusations lodged out how individual states handled the Democratic primary process, specifically Arizona and Nevada. 

Now whether or not this is tenable or even remotely true remains to be seen, but over one hundred people have officially signed on as plaintiffs in the case and there have been over a thousand more requests for legal paperwork since then. 

I don't think anyone can argue the DNC has had a less stellar performance in handling this primary season. This lawsuit along with the ones currently going on in Nevada and Arizona are evidence of that.