The DNC Enacts Most Progressive Platform Yet

Due to Hillary Clinton all but cinching the Democratic nomination, there has been large amount of speculation as to Bernie's aims now that the presidency seems out of reach. While numerous people, including myself, still support him, it is a necessity for him to focus his efforts elsewhere.

I think what that exactly looks like is still taking form, but one battle that he seems to be make inroads at is the Democratic Platform for the DNC convention. The platform is a non-binding basic list of the Democratic Party's official stance on various issues. 

Some major concessions in favor of Bernie's ideas include advocating for a new version of Glass-Steagall as well as breaking up Wall Street's largest banks. It also put forth a call for a $15-an-hour minimum wage (I'm now starting to think a UBI is the way to go!) and goes on record opposing the death penalty.  

While this is truly a more progressive stance than we've seen in a long while from the Democratic Party, Bernie hasn't yet been able to sway the establishment and party elites on certain other key issues. 

The platform, in its current draft, advocates for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an extremely controversial trade agreement that Bernie is against, nor does it include a ban on fracking, a method of obtaining oil that is disastrous for the environment. It also leaves out a call for a carbon tax, a move to expand Medicare into a universal single-payer healthcare system, and language marking Palestinian sovereignty a priority.

Bernie has mentioned he will continue the fight to have these issues included in the platform for the Democratic National Convention during the week of July 25th.   

All these issues are important, and while this platform is largely symbolic I think this is a tug of war for what the Democratic Party will ultimately look like in 2017 and beyond. I sincerely hope this is only the beginning for Bernie.

Stay focused, everyone!