Gary Johnson - 3rd Party Option

Gary Johnson and William Weld, the presidential and vice presidential 2016 candidates for the Libertarian Party, have released a new ad showcasing their political experience over Hillary and Donald. Here is the ad below. It's by far the best political ad I've seen in awhile. 

There is much more to this Libertarian ticket than their prior experience as leaders in government though. Gary Johnson just this year resigned his post as CEO for Cannabis Sativa, Inc. to focus on his presidential run. As the name suggests, Cannabis Sativa is a publicly traded company focused on branding and marketing high quality, legal cannabis product, so naturally Gary Johnson is completely for legalizing marijuana at a federal level. 

They are also in favor of overhauling the tax code in the hopes of making it leaner and simpler and less intimidating. They are in favor of term limits for government officials, specifically Senators and Representatives. This is a major plus for me. 

They are against the widespread surveillance perpetrated by the government on the American people. They are against the ever-increasing destructive role that the U.S. and its foreign policy are playing in the world. They are for reigning in out of control spending on the military, and rethinking our strategy against groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

They are for reforming our Justice System by eliminating mandatory-minimum sentences and reducing are prison population. They are for internet freedom and against government surveillance and spying on internet users. They are for a women's right to choose and against America's disastrous War on Drugs.  

Their stance on the environment minimizes the role of government; reducing its role to only minimizing a company's pollution instead of actively promoting certain types of energy over others. I disagree with this stance. I think this is an area where government can excel and actually have the power and leverage to enact real environmental change as opposed to leaving it mostly in the hands of citizens of corporations.

Let's face it. Renewable energy is our future. The era of coal and oil is over. Everyone needs to accept it. 

That being said, I'd say they are an intriguing alternative to Hillary and Donald. They will be on the ballot in all fifty states, and currently, their goal is reaching that 15% polling margin, which will allow them both to be included in the general election debates granting them the widespread exposure that they are after. 

At this point though, they are still relative newcomers to the American psyche, but no one can argue that a year as turbulent as this one might be the push they need to enter the main stage.