Four More Years!

I don't think there is anything more patriotic on this Fourth of July than amending the Constitution. Back in March, Matt Yglesias of Vox proposed the interesting thought experiment of eliminating the 22nd Amendment, which would then allow Barack Obama to run again for a third term. While I don't agree with removing term limits from every public office, the case for the removal of presidential term limits is an interesting one. 

President Obama's popularity has only risen in recent months, and contrary to popular belief, he is perceived rather well in the eyes of a majority of the world. Just this week following an address President Obama made to the Canadian Parliament, he received a standing ovation with members chanting over and over the very title of this article. 

The Pew Research Center released a series of polls showing overall that Obama enjoys a higher popularity in major parts of the world than his predecessor, and also the perception of the economic strength of the United States has increased here at home and abroad under President Obama's leadership. 

He has much higher favorability than Hillary Clinton, and in several hypothetical scenarios, Obama beats Trump by a landslide. It can also be argued that it would be simpler for him to secure his legacy to just have his name on the ballot instead of working through a problematic proxy (Hillary Clinton). 

Finally, I know some people might claim tyranny and blow a gasket, but first consider something. 

Why should the American people be limited in their choices due to an arbitrary amendment even if the person enjoys relative widespread popularity, has far more experience than either candidate, and largely has been perceived to have done a decent job so far? 

The 22nd Amendment is a solution in search of a problem.

Every president who has sought a third term successfully has won that third term based on their merit. I don't think anyone can argue that having Franklin Roosevelt serve four terms was a mistake by the American people, and if George W. Busch decided to run again in this scenario, I'm doubtful he would win. There are also several cases of presidents seeking a third term and their respective parties deciding to put forth a different candidate. 

The race should be decided solely on merit. 

And, looking back over the past eight years, I don't think many could argue they would choose President Obama over the two current candidates in a heartbeat. 

I know I would.

Sadly though, there is nowhere near enough time to repeal a Constitutional amendment by the end of the 2016 Presidential election, so this will only remain an interesting thought experiment for the time being. 

Here is the original Vox article.