A 3rd Party Vote is Essential

This coming election will be one for the books, but I can't help but feel apathetic. I've been conflicted on the right recourse. On one hand we have Donald Trump, a failed businessman masquerading as an workingman outsider, and on the other, we have Hillary Clinton who tries so desperately to relate to the disenfranchised masses that it's cringeworthy, especially when you have a demonstrable history of oftentimes doing the opposite. Oh, and she is still being investigated by the FBI

None of this really inspires, well, anything in me. So what to do? 

The Democratic mantra so far and probably until November is "not voting for Hillary means you're voting for Trump, so you should fall in line". This is a pretty shitty and again uninspiring thing to repeat over and over. How the hell is it my problem the Republican party chose a clown for a candidate? They talk of some greater responsibility, but when has anything really good happened in the name of some greater good. That should be a red flag right there. Citing greater good usually means something bad happened in the process, and will it really be that good? Donald Trump is a loose cannon who no one can seem to figure out, but Hillary is a known quantity who may have gotten people killed. 

Suddenly rolling the dice doesn't seem that bad. 

Part of me thought about voting for Trump despite my liberal tendencies. He seems to be the candidate the establishment doesn't want. How satisfying would it be to be part in delivering him to them. Here you go you greedy bastards. This is what you get for shutting out any better options. 

But then I realized that there is a better way, a more productive way to say "fuck you" to the establishment. I still am not going to vote for Hillary or the Donald, but instead vote Libertarian or Green Party if possible. Both offer much better candidates than these two parties. I'd prefer Jill Stein, but I share some common ground with Gary Johnson as well. 

The right to vote is currently one of the few tools people still have to shape their government and arguably too many people waste it by falling in line with each major party. Instead, the right the vote should be used to send a message to the political and financial elite. This is who we want and we won't be swayed or bullied into anything else, no matter what. 

This is also why I loathe political parties. George Washington was absolutely right, but that's a post for another day.