A Democratic Revolution

Bernie Sanders wrote a great op-ed yesterday in the New York TImes about the parallels between Britian's historic Brexit vote and the political atmosphere here in America. It called for a revolution of middle class workers saying "Enough is enough" to their governments. He outlined a world economy that is increasingly being geared to serve only the exorbitantly rich while the poor are supposed to put their wholehearted trust in these same people to look out for their good.  

He also drew similarities between the anti-immigration fears that were integral to the Brexit vote and the same rhetoric used here by Donald Trump. He cautioned against these irrational  fears saying that enacting isolationist policies serves no one. Working together is how we solve the world's problem. 

The list goes on and on, but that's why I think Bernie Sanders is still as important to the presidential race as ever. He inspires change and cooperation, and is someone who all of these disenfranchised voters can get behind. He provides a way to motivate and transform all the massive amounts of unchecked apathy and disdain in this country, and even though his presidential hopes are a far cry now from being a reality, Bernie has finally set his sights higher.

 Bernie Sanders has never been a part of the political machine always acting as this fringe voice that people would vaguely recall hearing in the back of their minds. Now, he is front and center representing all those quiet frustrated voters disillusioned with their prospects in life. 

Bernie has crafted a message that has received widespread support in return. Now, people are forced to listen unlike ever before. Here's hoping he can finally do some good.