A Donald Trump Presidency

I am stunned. 

Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States of America. 

There's nothing that can be done about that, but there is some comfort to be had. Half of those who voted did not vote for Trump. There is no clear mandate for him. He even lost the popular vote by a slim margin.  

It is a veil being lifted and I hope everyone sees clearly now. There is work to be done. I must admit I thought about leaving this country as soon as I could. I was and still am angry, but leaving is not productive or helpful. I realize that now. We must stay. The real work begins NOW. 

TO THOSE WHO VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP: You keep telling us now not to worry, but your campaign has been filled with rhetoric that is at the very least quite worrisome. Telling us there is nothing to fear is unproductive and at best willfully ignorant of the campaign that has just been run. You speak of this being the will of the American people when only a quarter of the voting population was responsible for putting him in political office. Your words mean nothing. Everyone shall judge by your actions. 

That being said, you won the race; therefore, you have won the chance for Donald Trump and everyone of you who supports him to be given the benefit of the doubt. Prove us wrong. I truly hope that in four years you all are the ones telling us, "I told you so" and not the other way around. 

TO THOSE WHO VOTED FOR HILLARY CLINTON: I'd like to think of the election results as the "All is Lost" moment in the hero's journey, because that is what it feels like. There is anger and there is fear. Channel those emotions into productivity. Show the world that you aren't scared to stand up now more than ever for what you believe in.

Don't resort to violence. Don't ever resort to violence. That only legitimizes the other side even more. Hold those in Congress and Donald Trump accountable now more then ever. We need each other. 

TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AS A WHOLE: As much as we came to embrace Hillary Clinton over the past few months, I will admit now that a lot of us were blind to how effective the right's rabid campaign against her was for the past thirty years.  

We had the perfect candidate in Bernie Sanders. We fucked up. This is as much a time for introspection as it is a time to band together. This is our post-mortem. Let's really examine what went wrong, and prepare for the midterm elections two years from now. 

TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AS A WHOLE: I am uneasy about the next four years. I have no sense of where we'll be even in the next year. I truly hope it's good, but in the end, America will always survive. It's bigger than any of us as is the office of the President. 

Know that no one is alone. Whether you voted for Hillary or Donald, there are like-minded people who are there to stand up for you and be there for you.

This is a country built by the people and for the people, of all creeds, race, sexual orientation and gender.