Russia Cont.

If you haven't read the previous intelligence report concerning Russia and Trump, go here.

Since last Friday, there is now an even newer more fun report containing serious revelations involving Trump, Trump's colleagues, and Russia that you can read here.

The allegations contained within this report are at this point unverified. This means that they haven't been proven true or false. Currently, they are just out there. If proven true, these allegations are incredibly damning of Trump and several members of his team. If proven false, these allegations are one of the biggest slights against a president-elect probably ever. This document accuses Trump and several members of his team of being Russian plants; exchanging information on prominent Russians living in America for information concerning Trump's opponents. It accuses him of being directly supported by the Kremlin utilizing information gathered by nefarious means to assist in his election campaign. It claims that Russia is blackmailing Trump to do the Kremlin's bidding, essentially accusing him and his colleagues of being compromised by a foreign power. 

This report has been circling around the press and intelligence agencies for awhile now, even before the election. James Comey had knowledge of this report, while he was so publicly and zealously investigating Hillary. No one published the full contents of the report up until this past Tuesday. John McCain obtained the report from a colleague of his. He then turned it over to the FBI. Since then, the CIA, FBI, and NSA have all been investigating the allegations and, only recently, decided to brief President Obama, Donald Trump, and several other congressional leaders. 

The easy thing for Trump to do is to unequivocally deny all of these allegations. It would be so easy, but he held a press conference today, and he couldn't even do that. He instead blasted Buzzfeed and CNN for their part in this story and ducked any other question concerning Russia. 

I don't know if these allegations are correct, but it is not unreasonable. 

All that can be said so far is it wouldn't exactly be out of character. Trump is unusually friendly towards Putin. Trump has a history of being brazen and salacious. A number of his skeletons throughout his long public history have already been uncovered. He has refused to participate in any investigation involving himself and his ties to Russia in the hopes of clearing up this mess. It's not unlikely to think that Russia has dirt on Trump. Trump and his colleagues have significant ties to Russia and have had contact with Russia over the past year. Trump's choice of Secretary of State has ties to Russia. Russia has offered unwavering public support of Trump over the past year especially through its state-sponsored media organization, Russia Today. Putin has come out in favor of Trump on multiple occasions. Trump's former campaign chief, Paul Manafort, has had extensive ties with Ukraine and, by extension, Russia

The idea of our President-elect being compromised by Russia is an unnerving thought. I often feel like the American public is a schizophrenic frog trapped in an authoritarian pot. The frog knows it's getting too hot, but the voices say just a little warmer.