The Refugee Crisis

I am an American, and I am disappointed. My country has been on the wrong side of history plenty of times but at the end of the day, we could still look to our values. It always seemed that we were a force of good in the world if, more often than not, misguided our actions could be from time to time. We welcomed the diversity. We bragged about it. We proudly exclaimed to the word that here, on the whole, it is better. It's not perfect, but it will be better. Come give it a try! 

We were a diverse pot, born from chaos more stronger than ever. We reveled in our differing opinions, and, through sheer ingenuity, no problem was too small. 

The walls have gone up now and the moat has been dug, and we continue to rain fire from on high straight into foreign lands. I don't feel good about it. It's an ache in the stomach. Our government's good intentions are not so "good". Our government's holy vengeance against terror is not so "pure".

America will ravage your land, and you will get nothing for it, not even a chance at a better life. We will declare ourselves master of the world reigning from our ivory tower surrounded by our insurmountable walls delegating everyone whose blood is not pure to anywhere but our own "utopia". We will feign surprise when anyone tries to revolt against this inhumane superiority-complex instead deigning to scorch the earth for the "greater good".

The chinks in our armor are showing, though, and it's ugly and infested. Americans sees it now too, finally. A battle has begun for the soul of this chaotic messy social experiment that got started over two hundred years ago.

Either everyone is American, or no one is.