VOTE: Democracy Depends On It

We've been binge-watching a terrible TV show on Netflix for a year, and today, on a election day, we've reached the finale. It's been dirty. It's been visceral. It's been eye-opening, and now, for better or worse, we get to see how it all ends. 

I don't want to be political. I'm not here to convince you who you should vote for today. Everything that's been said about either candidate has been said. If you've already voted, I applaud you for taking the time to participate in government. It means a lot. If you haven't already voted, this post is for you.

I want you to imagine where you would like to be in the next ten years. I also want you to imagine what changes you would like to see in the world. Close your eyes. Think long and hard. These things can be political, personal, selfish, or selfless. Doesn't matter. Think about it.

Voting is how you get there.

You want to be rich? 

Vote for the politicians who pledge to cut your taxes and make it easier for entrepreneurs like yourself to start a small business. 

You want to help the poor?

Vote for the candidates who vow to promote a robust safety net for people in need. 

You want to go to school?

Vote for the candidates who are in favor of making college more affordable and accessible for students of all kinds, 

You want to solve world hunger?

Vote for the politicians who pledge to make food healthy and affordable for our poor and homeless people here and abroad. 

You don't want the human race to be wiped out of existence?

Vote for the candidates who vow to take on climate change in a meaningful way. 

You want something?

Vote for the people who will make it happen. 

You get the picture. Whatever you want to see happen in your own personal life or in the world at large, vote accordingly, and this doesn't just apply to the presidential election. It applies to every down ballot race and ballot initiative, because the truth is this all affects you and everyone around you. 

Now here comes the expected onslaught of "I'm just one person!" or "My vote doesn't matter!". Well, that's bullshit, because your vote does matter. Remember when I asked you two seconds ago to imagine where you want yourself and the world to be in ten years? Well, every other voter in America is doing the same exact thing, and I guarantee, out of millions of people, there are bound to be some like-minded individuals who have the same dream as yours. They are counting on you to cast your ballot so you can share in the vision that you all deserve.  

Don't be scared. It's super easy. At, you can view your ballot based on your location. You can learn about each candidate and where they stand on certain issues. Also, if you type the phrase, "Where can I vote?", into Google, Google will tell you where you can vote immediately after typing in your address. 

In summation, if by the end of tomorrow you haven't vote, then you are probably an idiot and are slowly proving Jefferson's idea of the tyranny of the uneducated masses correct. I never want to hear you complain about anything again. 

So, in the words of Barack Obama, "Don't boo, vote!". 

P.S. Screw the parties. People voting for a candidate based solely on party affiliation are bigger idiots than those who don't vote. Issues. Look at the issues.